Printable Petitions

Eliminate Student Loan Interest!

Eliminate Interest on Student Loans Petition

Download the PDF version here: Eliminate Student Loan Interest Petition

Say Yes to Fair Minimum Wage!

15 Min Wage
Download the PDF version here: $15 Minimum Wage_Petition 2016


Ban Discriminatory Breed Specific Legislation

BSL 2016 petition

Download the PDF version here: Ban BSL_petition_2015


Make the Shingles Vaccine free for ALL Ontario seniors.

Shingles Vaccine

Download the PDF version here: Shingles Vaccine


Privatizing Hydro One: ANOTHER WRONG CHOICE.

Hydro One Petition

Download the PDF version here:  Hydro One Petition


Free Toronto From the OMB!


Download the PDF here:  OMB Petition 2016


Make UPX a True Public Line:

UPX true public line

Download the PDF here:  UPX Petition 2016


Say Yes to Health Care You Can Count On

Health care you can count on_Petition 2016

Download the PDF here: Health care you can count on_Petition 2016