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New Year, Renewed Focus
Dear Friends,

Let’s talk. The media these days seems to be full of bad news, and I know this is already a difficult time of year for many.  What you need to know is that our community is strong, and that it is never too late to fight for justice and advocate for those who need us. My office is always happy to help when we can, and I am always fighting for you at Queen’s Park and in our neighbourhoods.  Keep up the good work, and be kind to yourself and others.

As always,


Guys Can Cook! Celebration
Thank you so much to The Four Villages for inviting me to the end-of-project celebration of the Guys Can Cook initiative. This initiative invited youth in our priority neighbourhoods to learn about nutrition, as well as develop culinary and employment skills alongside respected professionals in this field.
This is yet another way in which The Four Villages is bettering our community every single day.

Photo credit: @AOHC_ACSO on Twitter

High Park Stewards 20th Anniversary

​Congratulations to High Park Stewards for celebrating 20 wonderful years.  High Park Stewards is a vital and beloved organization, bringing together volunteers who donate their time to protect our beautiful High Park.

Photo credit:  Andrew Palamarchuk/Metroland Media

Working for you at Queen’s Park

As you know, the Legislature was prorogued in September, and as such any and all Bills still on the table at that time officially died.  I have been working hard for you to introduce and re-introduce some very important Bills in the House.  Here are the Bills I have put forward so far this session:

Bill 40, Public Safety Related to Dogs Statute Law Amendment Act, 2016

It has been proven that the number of dog bites has not gone down since Breed-Specific Legislation came into place. I will not give up the fight to repeal this ineffective and unwarranted legislation.  If we truly want to reduce dog bites in Ontario, we must focus on the deed, not the breed.

Bill 48, Peter Kormos Act (Repealing the Safe Streets Act), 2016

In honour of the late Peter Kormos, who was a champion for those less fortunate, I will continue fighting to repeal the Safe Streets Act, a discriminatory piece of legislation which criminalizes those living in poverty.

Bill 55, Remembrance Week Act, 2016

Success!  I was honoured to co-sponsor this tri-party Bill, which proclaims Remembrance Week and provides for the observance of Remembrance Day.  This Bill became law in November 2016.

Bill 61, Respect for Municipalities Act (City of Toronto), 2016

I will continue fighting for this Bill to give Torontonians more of a say in developments that are proposed in our neighbourhoods.  Please attend my Community Meeting on this issue!

Bill 74, Trans Day of Remembrance Act, 2016

As a 40+ year activist for LGBTQ rights, I introduced this Bill to proclaim November 20 in each year as the Trans Day of Remembrance, a day to mourn and honour the lives of those who might otherwise be forgotten and gives trans people and their allies a chance to stand together in vigil. The Trans Day of Remembrance is an opportunity to raise public awareness of hate crimes committed against trans people.
In addition, last session I introduced Cy and Ruby’s Actto amend the Children’s Law Reform Act, the Vital Statistics Act and other Acts with respect to parental recognition, specifically in the interest of creating equality for LGBTQ parents.  I was relieved and delighted that the government finally decided to adopt the majority of my Bill into the All Families Are Equal Act, which became law in November 2016.

My statement on the abuse women face in politics

I made a statement in the Legislature about how women who work in the political sphere face incredible amounts of abuse and sexism.  This statement was inspired by Sandra Jansen, who addressed this issue in the Alberta Legislature. This sort of abuse is commonplace and is never, ever acceptable.  This is just another reminder that we must continue to fight for equality.

3 Women on CIUT 89.5 FM

My radio show, 3 Women, airs Mondays from 4:00 – 5:00 pm on CIUT 89.5 FM. It’s all about women and their perspective on the topics of today.  My show has had an incredible history of fascinating, intelligent women offering up their time to be guests on the show.  Tune in to CIUT 89.5 FM at 4:00 pm Mondays, and make sure you have your phone handy, because we welcome questions via phone or social media.

This week’s show was all about the Women’s March in Washington and across the globe.  It is such an important thing to be able to hear women’s voices on a truly independent radio station.

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