NDP MPP DiNovo tackles housing crisis with inclusionary zoning Bill

Queen’s Park – NDP and Parkdale-High Park MPP Cheri DiNovo will table a Private Member’s Bill that will allow inclusionary zoning. This will enable municipalities to tackle the housing crisis currently plaguing Ontario.

“Developers have a responsibility to the communities they build in,” said DiNovo. “Allowing municipal governments to set a minimum requirement for affordable units in new developments is a low-cost way to provide Ontarians with badly needed access to lower-cost housing.”

Inclusionary zoning is in effect in over 200 jurisdictions in North America including Vancouver, Montreal, Atlanta, Washington DC, San Francisco and Colorado.

“The Bill is not prescriptive. It does not impose on the municipalities. It simply gives them the tools to introduce inclusionary housing, if they choose to do so,” explained DiNovo.

Since the Bill was first tabled, over a dozen municipalities across Ontario including London and Thunder Bay passed motions in support of the Bill. The Regional Planning Commissioners of Ontario representing planning directors, commissioners and other senior officials of municipal governments across Ontario have also supported inclusionary zoning.

“Inclusionary zoning builds affordable housing without spending tax dollars. I hope the government will take this seriously and either pass it or bring their own legislation to allow it in Ontario,” concluded DiNovo.

This will be DiNovo’s fourth attempt to get this Bill passed. Previously, the Bill has passed second reading twice.

Posted on March 25, 2013..