Indigenous Christianity

Indigenous Christianity

Christianity as an institution has caused immense harm to indigenous people, participating in genocide which is historical and ongoing. Why, then, do so many indigenous people identify as Christians? How do indigenous people reconcile that history with their beliefs, and what do indigenous people see in the Bible and in the teachings of Jesus that makes it possible to embrace Christianity?  

We are in the midst of an uprising. Systemic brutalities, insecurities, and inequities are being laid bare as a result of COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and our climate crisis. Black and indigenous communities are resisting together in solidarity to dismantle these systems for the benefit of all marginalized people. Indigenous people have preserved a wisdom that may save the planet: the only positive environmental future for the world includes an indigenous way of life on the land.


Archbishop Mark MacDonald, Bishop for Indigenous Canadian Anglicans, previously the Bishop of Alaska, President of the World Council of Churches since 2013, and published author 

Reverend Evan Smith [@revevansmith], serving at Toronto Urban Native Ministry and working on the front lines with sex workers, LGBTQ2A youth, people who are incarcerated, and street-involved folks

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