Law And Disorder | It Was Built This Way

Law And Disorder | It Was Built This Way

The justice system isn’t broken—it was built this way. White supremacy is built into its foundation. It is structurally racist at every level. It is based on a theory of deterrence that doesn’t work. We’re over-policing marginalized communities and over-incarcerating people. How well does anyone get reformed when they’re forced to live in a cage? And are the police really keeping us safe from violent crime?

A better world is possible! Black Lives Matter is calling on us to defund the police and reinvest in our communities. We can create real alternatives, and we’ve already seen that they work. 


Delmar Doucette, criminal defense lawyer with DFR Litigation, a law group that defends accused persons at both criminal trials and appeals. He has been in practice for 30 years. He currently spends most of his professional time conducting homicide appeals, working to overturn unfair murder convictions. He is also an avid birder.

David Slavick [@DavidSlavick], began his career in law and policy promoting legal reform in the former Yugoslavia, then moved to Washington, DC and managed the Elon University School of Law where he taught legal and public policy advocacy skills. He has hosted numerous panels on prison reform, community policing, and alternative approaches to civil order.

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