Pride and Indigenous Reistance

Pride Toronto will go ahead virtually this year throughout the month of June, complete with music, performances, community programming, and parties! But Pride is also a protest, and queer and trans people are continuing to fight for justice.

Plus, a conversation about indigenous resistance. Indigenous nations are facing police violence for protecting their lands, and are trying to stay safe during this pandemic without parity access to clean water or healthcare. What can we do?


Shakir Rahim [@szrahim], Pride Toronto board co-chair and criminal defense lawyer, on celebrating pride virtually, and how policing disproportionately affects those in the queer and trans community who are the most marginalized.

Patty Krawec [@gindaanis], author and Medicine for the Resistance podcaster, on building relationships, finding somebody to disrupt with, pushing back against unjust policies, and lifting up the voices of those who are resisting.

Music: Strong Water Women

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