Queer Panel | Junia Joplin

Queer Panel | Junia Joplin

Junia Joplin [@jrjoplin] is the pastor at Lorne Park Baptist Church and recently delivered a historic and inspiring sermon to her congregation in which she came out publicly as a trans woman.

The Radical Reverend talks to Junia about her experience coming out to a Baptist congregation, what led up to that moment, and what the reaction has been. 

In the second half, we play Junia’s coming out sermon from June 14, 2020. In Junia’s powerful words:

“Ultimately, graciously, we are led by the divine treasure seeker to that place where at last we know with surpassing certainty that only one thing is more frightening than speaking our truth, and that is not speaking. Even if the cost seems too high, even if the consequences seem too great, even if the landing seems too hard and the leap of faith God wants you to make feels like madness. God is not going to stop calling us.”

You can view the video version of Junia’s sermon here:

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