Reverend Dr. Cheri DiNovo, C.M. is an ordained United Church minister who performed Canada’s first legalized same sex marriage. She is currently the minister at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre for Faith Justice and the Arts. Cheri is a Member of the Order of Canada, recognized for her contributions to provincial politics and for her lifelong advocacy of social justice. As the former Member of Provincial Parliament for Parkdale–High Park in Ontario, Cheri passed into law more pro-LGBTQ legislation than anyone in Canadian history. 

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Take Back the Fight

Some of the most exciting activism that’s happening right now is feminist.

How do we build the power to make the changes that feminist activists seek to make in society? First we need to understand the history of what it took to gain the rights we have now. They were not handed to us from benevolent leaders; it took breaking the law, civil disobedience, intense fights, and activism in the streets.


Nora Loreto [@NoLore], journalist, author of Take Back the Fight, and co-host of the Sandy & Nora Talk Politics podcast

Andrea Houston [@DreaHouston], journalist for Xtra

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The Christian Left Conference 2020


Jesus, the True Communist

Rev. Dr. Cheri DiNovo, C.M. presents her paper “Jesus, the True Communist” at the Christian Left Conference 2020. 

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