Rev. Dr. Cheri DiNovo, C.M.


• Only woman to sign on to “We Demand” in 1971, the first “gay rights” demo on Parliament Hill
• Performed the first legalized same sex marriage in Canada in 2001
• MPP for Parkdale-High Park from 2006–2017
• Passed into law more pro-LGBTQ2+ legislation than anyone in Canadian history, including Toby’s Act which added trans rights to the Ontario Human Rights Code in 2012, the Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act which banned conversion therapy for LGBTQ2+ youth in 2015, Cy and Ruby’s Act which established parent equality for LGBTQ2+ parents in 2015, and the Trans Day of Remembrance Act in 2017
• Passed more Private Members Bills into law than anyone in Ontario’s history
 Now the Minister at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre for Faith, Justice, and the Arts

• Awarded Order of Canada in 2022

• Named one of the 52 women who’ve influenced Toronto most (1 of 15 still alive)

the queer evangelist

The Queer Evangelist

Cheri DiNovo went from living on the streets as a teenager to performing the first legal same-sex marriage registered in Canada in 2001 as a United Church minister. This story of one queer kid will inspire other young people (queer and not) to resist the system and change it.

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“Cheri DiNovo, a queer activist, minister and former politician, has had a life and career making space for LGBTQ people both in church and state. Ordained in the United Church, she offered a place for two spirit and LGBTQ people at Emmanuel Howard Park United Church and made history performing Canada’s first same sex marriage before it was formally legalized. Later, she moved to Queen’s Park as a member of provincial parliament (MPP) and championed queer issues like conversion therapy and LGBTQ parent equality, eventually pushing through more LGTBQ legislation than any politician in Canadian history. DiNovo documents it all in her memoir “The Queer Evangelist.””
-Brian Bradley, Toronto Star

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